Day to day security measures

  1. By: giridar nadarajah

    here are some security measures that we can follow in order to avoid IT related risks,

    One of the simplest thing, do not save you user and  passwords in your pc/lap/mobile browser

    Try using ignito/private mode 

    If you are using a third party PC/Lap/Phone to access your personal email, facebook & etc try to login from ignito/private mode

    • administrator
      over 6 years ago

      Hi Gridar,

      Very useful one.

      Could you please elaborate further regarding the setting up process to our viewers?

      I suppose the steps are different based on the browser you use.


      eazy2pass team

    • giridar nadarajah
      over 6 years ago

      As most of us are using Chrome, from the menu on the right upper corner select the "New Ignito Window"

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