Customer Relationship Management

  1. By: ahamed bathihi

    Customer Relationship Management Companies are using IT to improve the way they design and manage customer relationships. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems capture every interaction a company has with a customer, so that a more enriching experience is possible. If a customer calls a call center with an issue, the customer support representative will be able to see what the customer has purchased, view shipping information, call up the training manual for that item and effectively respond to the issue. The entire interaction is stored in the CRM system, ready to be recalled if the customer calls again. The customer has a better, more focused experience and the company benefits from improved productivity.

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    • dexter brown
      over 5 years ago

      Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is very important for a company. With CRM systems doing business is now more effective.Bpmonline also helped my business to great extent in  establishing a good customer relation.They have taken my business to an extreme level as their team support is very quick and  they satisfy customer well.If someone need CRM solutions they must call them once.

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